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Each T56/501 gas turbine engine has eighteen TIT Thermocouple Assemblies attached to the engine via placements in the engine turbine casing. The Thermocouples are placed to provide the pilot and
the aircraft with constant information regarding each engine's performance. The average of the eighteen signals from Thermocouple Assemblies provides the necessary information for optimal engine

Aircraft using the T56 gas turbine include certain models of the C130 Hercules, C-2 Greyhound, E-2 Hawkeye, and P-3 Orion as well as Canada's Aurora. Aircraft using the T56/501 version of the engine
include models of the L-100, L-188 Electra, and Convair 580 & 5800. Manufacturing is done pursuant to a Federal Aviation Administration Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) number PQ2422NM.
Including the 501K gas turbine generator.

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